• fagone

    italian for whorish wh-r-. “oh, look at brian, he’s being such a f-gone.”

  • blair vella

    blair vella is a little f-cking f-g c-nt and he likes to start beef and eat beef, if you see a blair vella you should probably keep your d-ck tucked away because he will try to put it in his but. i want to kick blair vella’s head in

  • pregenitas

    a girl who has a p-n-s on her thigh and puts it in her v-g-n- then the does it so much that she gets pregnant with glue babies that girl has pregenitas.

  • kenziexo

    a girl, especially a cute one, who is amazingly beautiful, but is too shy to show off. hallows is dating a kenziexo, so she won’t go to the party in that amazing new dress. that girl is a kenziexo

  • flesh curve

    the curvature of the male genitalia to either the left or right his flesh curve looked odd at first, but once i turned over half way through he was able to get both sides

  • Smithing off

    the act of masturbating in public places. for example a school or a work place. john: hey did you see that kid smithing off in cl-ss. marshall: yeah dude that is so disgusting.

  • Gollish Patel

    gollish patel is not some-one you will see on the streets everyday. he pops up at special moments and is strongly -ssociated with the word don. he is so awesome and epic and don. rumour has it that he was taught dt by mr manthorp. he has an iq of over 500 and is too […]

  • crush it

    to accomplish or take in, ingest. that sub sandwich is unstoppable, crush it. jamie crushes papers like they’re mcdonald’s double cheese burgers at 2 am. crazy rough v-g-n-l s-x d-mn that chick is hot, i wanna crush it! to create a really good musical experience, usually heard on highly bloggable, highly relevant blog hipster runoff […]

  • Adam Driver

    actor well-known for playing kylo ren in the star wars sequel trilogy and adam sackler in hbo’s girls. often picked on owing to his large nose and ears. has been married to joanne tucker since 22nd june 2013, whom he met whilst at juilliard. owns a dog named moose, cross of a pit bull terrier […]

  • pakarana

    a codename for a pakistani male or other ethnic minority. is used by caucasian males in my circle of friends, to save arguements. joe – ‘ ere look chris theres a pakarana! ‘ chris – ‘ yeah lets shoot him ‘

  • Unmarry

    Synonyms for unmarry verb split up a marriage break up dissociate disconnect sever separate sunder annul divide disjoin nullify part split disunite cancel dissolve dissever put away Antonyms for unmarry combine unite validate connect marry associate attach join keep retain

  • Pasteurizing plants

    Synonyms for pasteurizing plants noun producer of milk products farm buttery factory dairy farm creamery cow barn pasteurizing plant

  • More humanistic

    Synonyms for more humanistic adj concerning ancient culture classic academic attic bookish canonical humanistic Latin Hellenic Doric Greek roman scholastic Ionic Grecian Augustan Homeric Virgilian belletristic canonic classicistic Antonyms for more humanistic complicated modern unclassical Synonyms adj characteristic of people personal animal mortal individual anthropoid civilized fallible fleshly forgivable vulnerable anthropomorphic hominid biped anthropological bipedal […]

  • Hast relationship to

    Synonyms for hast relationship to verb be part of, be in proper place reside apply exist fit permeate vest set go inhere touch chime concern suit harmonize match refer accord associate regard bear befit correlate pertain correspond appertain become agree attach to be a component be a constituent be a part be akin be an […]

  • Contestable

    Synonyms for contestable adj at issue questionable contentious dubious arguable argumentative disputable disputatious doubtful litigious moot suspect uncertain dubitable polemical disputed contended controvertible debateable doubtable in dispute open to discussion open to question under discussion Antonyms for contestable incontrovertible peaceful undisputed undoubted unquestionable certain definite sure agreeable uncontroversial Synonyms adj controversial questionable uncertain problematic dubious […]

  • Anger

    Synonyms for anger noun state of being mad, annoyed annoyance acrimony impatience enmity rage fury antagonism violence resentment animosity ire passion temper displeasure irritation outrage hatred exasperation indignation tiff irascibility umbrage pique rankling gall irritability choler distemper storm chagrin petulance stew peevishness huff tantrum miff conniption soreness vexation disapprobation dander blow up mad infuriation cat […]

  • Bullheadedness

    Synonyms for bullheadedness noun obstinacy resolve pigheadedness stubbornness pertinacity mulishness tenaciousness doggedness tenacity hardheadedness obstinateness pertinaciousness self-will willfulness headstrongness Antonyms for bullheadedness irresolution

  • Specificizing

    Synonyms for specificizing verb designate; decide definitely indicate fix stipulate spell out mention limit determine enumerate lay out point out establish cite define slot blueprint set name particularize make list detail peg instance settle finger tag specialize individualize itemize condition inventory precise put down tab be specific button down come to the point draw a […]

  • Ingroups

    Synonyms for ingroups noun group of close friends, associates school crowd club company camp society fraternity clique party ring class clan set cabal coterie posse outfit crew crush sorority gang lot mob Mafia assembly bunch companions intimates comrades cronies camarilla insiders in-group Antonyms for ingroups individual Synonyms noun group of friends clan cabal coterie faction […]

  • Dressing out

    Synonyms for dressing out verb beautify, embellish trim bedeck illuminate deck spruce up brighten grace renovate festoon dress up fix up do up paint adorn perfect finish color enrich furbish ornament gild burnish idealize enhance garnish prank frill bedizen add finishing touches dress out gussy up jazz up Antonyms for dressing out darken ruin decrease […]

  • Padlocked

    Synonyms for padlocked adj shut, out of service locked bankrupt sealed fastened dark out of business out of order shut down folded gone fishing not open Antonyms for padlocked running working continuing started welcoming open beginning starting unsettled in business Synonyms adj sealed airtight short uncomfortable fast blind cutting fastened firm fixed hermetic impenetrable impermeable […]

  • Most staying

    Synonyms for most staying adj constant, incessant ceaseless unceasing around-the-clock continuous steady persistent perpetual unending repeated unbroken enduring unremitting uninterrupted interminable recurrent relentless frequent endless connected consecutive eternal everlasting permanent regular repetitive running timeless unchanging unfailing unflagging unvarying dateless aeonian oft-repeated persisting staying unwaning Antonyms for most staying completed infrequent occasional discontinuous intermittent interrupted sporadic […]

  • Make straight

    Synonyms for make straight verb put in neat or aligned order rectify even compose level align tidy correct unravel unfold neaten order arrange spruce up uncoil uncurl unbend untwist unsnarl make plumb put in order put perpendicular put straight put to rights put upright put vertical set to rights smarten up Antonyms for make straight […]

  • Petty tyrants

    Synonyms for petty tyrants noun powerless person or group straw man tin god empty suit hollow man man of straw petty tyrant

  • Defrock

    Synonyms for defrock verb remove from job, responsibility oust suspend fire recall retire terminate sack depose impeach discharge disqualify furlough bump cashier drop boot displace bounce depone can shelve unseat ax pension kick out lay off put away send packing shut out pink-slip let go unfrock boot out deselect disemploy disfrock give notice to give […]

  • Takes into account

    Synonyms for take into account verb allow for possibility bear in mind consider include allow for take into consideration think about

  • Nitty gritty

    Synonyms for nitty gritty noun basic facts kernel substance gist core fundamentals essence focus reality heart quintessence basics soul root meat bottom line brass tacks meat and potatoes name of the game nuts and bolts chief part chief thing cold fact essential details essential part hard fact heart of the matter important matter the facts […]

  • Re check

    Synonyms for re check verb think about again reevaluate reexamine amend rethink review revise rehash retrace rearrange emend polish rework correct go over run through reassess consider again have second thoughts recheck replan reweigh see in a new light sleep on take another look think better of think over think twice work over change one’s […]

  • Building a whole

    Synonyms for building a whole noun combining; combination fusion amalgamation union blend integration composite entirety construction unification unit organism compound organization whole structure amalgam integrating coalescence welding constructing forming making one Antonyms for building a whole separation disorganization division part

  • Making a pass at

    Synonyms for making a pass at verb ask for; command invite solicit desire warn require demand request instruct tell direct charge proposition call enjoin summon order make a pass at make a pitch make a play for Antonyms for making a pass at reject reply listen answer not want Synonyms verb try attempt go for […]

  • Tree worships

    Synonyms for tree worships noun worship of nature Druidism naturism plant worship primitive religion tree worship

  • Imbathing

    Synonyms for imbathing verb wash with water and, usually, soap scrub submerge soak dip scour douse clean wet steep rinse immerse dunk water moisten hose suffuse bath shower flood sponge cleanse soap imbue tub imbathe Antonyms for imbathing dirty dry dehydrate ignore

  • Do what is expected

    Synonyms for do what is expected verb conform, give in execute accept observe embrace heed surrender carry out comply respond accord accede concur acquiesce perform serve mind submit keep discharge answer follow assent agree fulfill abide by knuckle under toe the line adhere to live by act upon be loyal to be ruled by bow […]

  • Giving a talking-to

    Synonyms for giving a talking-to verb find fault with criticize castigate taunt denounce chide berate blame admonish upbraid censure rebuke reprimand vilify reproach cavil ream reprobate nag revile preach rail asperse vituperate rate abuse expostulate lecture disparage reprove chasten dress down put down rake over the coals tell off recriminate give a talking-to jump on […]

  • Burial chambers

    Synonyms for burial chambers noun tomb burial vault cemetery coffin monument crypt sepulcher catacomb grave charnel house burial chamber burial place Synonyms noun burial place burial monument vault pit coffin mausoleum box crypt sepulcher catacomb trough grave burial chamber